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We are looking for open-minded, creative and intelligent people who are not simply seeking employment but who share our values and ideas and want to implement our visions and enjoy their sphere of responsibility.

At Honeyguide®, the aim is not just to appear every day at the office wearing a suit and tie. Our focus is on an international, questioning and motivated team. We don’t need anyone who is already perfect but people who make above-average demands of themselves and the results they achieve, people who are keen to continuously improve their abilities and enlarge their horizons and knowledge. We at Honeyguide® attempt to minimize the influence of nuisance factors such as politics, unnecessary formalities, hierarchies or dress code as far as possible, and to give creativity as much scope as feasible.

Fixed office hours are outdated because every person is at his or her most creative at different times of the day or even the night and in different environments where they can work most effectively. Then, too, because of our international orientation, we at Honeyguide® provide the opportunity of working in a virtual office.

To be open-minded, to grapple with things and then arrive at one's own point of view; or to have a well-founded opinion on current issues and technologies: These are the basic attitudes we value.

All this will give you the opportunity of working together with the best people from the world’s many different countries.

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