About Us


The Honeyguide® Group covers three large subject areas: Strategic Capital, Proprietary Trading and Mentoring & Enablement.

Via Strategic Capital, we participate in medium sized companies as well as small businesses and start-ups possessing convincing, above-average potential. Here, we focus exclusively on companies in the emerging markets.

We see ourselves as their permanent partners. Together with you, we want to devise the way to reach your goal and support you in sustainably achieving the best possible results. In every case, we set ourselves the condition of wholehearted adherence to our basic values.

Proprietary Trading operates short- and medium term trade in securities financed exclusively by own resources. This approach already indicates that we apply consistent and conservative risk management, using up-to-date methods such as, for instance, Value-at-Risk calculations.

In the area of Mentoring & Enablement, we make our institutional know-how and our treasury of best-practices experience - also from Proprietary Trading and Strategic Capital - available to you.

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