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10 Oct 2015 - No Grudges Please: Leveraging the Revised BBBEE Codes

Businesses short-change themselves if they look at the BBBEE requirements in isolation and take the negative perspective of seeing them solely as a burden - BBBEE has unexpected, positive aspects.

ESD for example, should be seen as motivation to implement critical supply chain improvements that are necessary to compete in an increasingly global market anyway, while simultaneously reaping the benefits of fulfilling their BBBEE requirements. Honeyguide offers a full set of business expertise to support CSR, ED and Supply Chain developmental programs. Companies can focus on their core business while we seamlessly interface with existing departments, working towards their BBBEE targets. From this perspective, it is a win-win situation all around. Business is able to safeguard and diversify its supply chain and also gain bonus points for moving SMMEs along the value chain from enterprise development to inclusion in their supply chain. On the flip side, SMMEs receive the developmental support and mentorship to progress to a level of superior competencies, and are presented with the opportunity of gaining access to markets and funding.

Read more in our BBBEE Background Article.

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17 Jul 2015 - Agri Division Newsletter

The first issue of our new Agri Division Newsletter is available online, delivering insight into agriculture and food industry topics related to Southern Africa. If you would like to receive the next issues directly in your mailbox, please feel free to contact us!

17 Feb 2013 - Expansion in Southern Africa

Honeyguide® could continue growing in 2012 also in Southern Africa and invest together with experienced partners in two new companies.

Honeyguide Foods (Pty) Ltd. is a specialised niche consumer food producer, Honeyguide Agri Services (Pty) Ltd. is offering a wide variety of highly professional services for the agricultural sector in Southern Africa.

28 Nov 2011 - New office in South Africa

Honeyguide®, which has its head office in Germany, has now founded a second office in South Africa. This location will mainly cover the emerging markets.

With this step, Honeyguide® will have the opportunity to work with smaller enterprises. The main goal of KasoroTM (Pty) Ltd. is to support them financially as well as with our know-how.