Strategic Capital


Honeyguide® Strategic Capital puts its own capital at the disposal of selected companies and consistently accompanies them on their road to success. In this, we assist in an advisory capacity in order to contribute to achieving optimum results for all concerned and ensuring the sustainable existence and growth of the company.

We offer you “intelligent capital”; this means that apart from an appropriate endowment of our own capital we also provide our longstanding strategic knowhow and our expertise in order to promote and extend your company. Here, too, our emphasis rests on companies from the emerging markets. Our focus is on all parts of the value chain from primary sectors up to tertiary and quaternary sectors.

For us, an essential aspect is thus the existence of convincing potential and the opportunity of increasing it in co-operation with the management. However, we are not interested in taking over the operative management but rather see ourselves as a partner of owner structures essentially oriented towards the long-term and acting in the background.

Founding or expanding an enterprise can be difficult in many respects, starting with devising a business plan which can really be implemented to structuring the funding and acquiring clients and competent staff. Our extensive international contacts give you access to suitable contact persons, in such areas as internationalization, financing or sales.

Our participation is meant to become a “win-win situation”, both for us who invest in your company and are thus interested in its steady growth but also for you who naturally want to see your enterprise succeed. We want to be at your side all the way and will support you strategically in planning and implementation. We aim to bring about ensuring long-term, positive development and enduring growth.

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