Strategic Capital


We follow a pre-defined and standardized decision-making process for new participations.

A business plan with resilient strategies and calculations for the business goals, planned implementation, capital requirements and profitability are a prerequisite. We expect comprehensible, clear and concrete measures for attainability and consideration of expected and possible risks.

Such a business plan would doubtlessly be more comprehensive for a new enterprise than for an existing business, but here too we expect a business case and transparent documentation of the current business situation. It goes without saying that we shall treat any information so provided - irrespective of the decisions for or against participation - in the strictest confidence.

If these initial documents satisfy us, we will undertake a detailed due diligence audit based on our list of evaluation criteria and explore options of a partnership in co-operation with you.

If your business fits our strategic orientation - small and medium-sized businesses in the emerging markets - if you share our governance goals and you are interested in long-term equity participation, we would welcome your positive feedback.

We would like to support you in implementing your ideas, your vision - by mutual co-operation. We will support you in transforming your enterprise into a sustainable, successful, up-and-coming business.

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